Friday, June 1, 2012

Gratitudes: Day 1

You know how you commit to something
thinking that it will be a piece of cake
and then reality hits you,
the enemy finds you,
and everything you do just doesn't quite cut it?

Well, if you don't, takes notes...

When I wrote my last post,
I knew I was setting myself up.
I knew my enemy's ears perked up 
thinking he'd have a hay day with my daily gratitudes.
So, I did my best to arm myself,
but here's where the "not quite cutting it" part comes in.

Yesterday I spent the day moaning and groaning about...
well, pretty much everything so there's no need to list it out.

And even as I was wallowing in pity for myself,
there was still something in my head begging me to stop
and just take a breath and start over.
My head is kind of funny like that.
One side seems to know what I need to be doing at all times
to be a properly functioning, healthy, loving human being;
the other side tends to throw that knowledge to the wind
and winds up winning the race when it comes to 
those thoughts becoming words,
and then it usually doesn't stop there either;
those words then become actions.

And then chaos ensues all around me.

The only thing that brings me back is
Grace lifts me up;
Grace overwhelms me with forgiveness...
usually in the form of a little blue-eyed lady.
Grace covers me, 
shuts my mouth,
and clears my head.

And we begin again.

Today, I am thankful for Grace.

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