Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gratitudes: Day 10

My dad has a HUGE Cottonwood tree in his backyard
that is splitting in two and will either fall 
(landing on his house and a neighbor's house)
or needs to be cut down.

Tuesday it will be taken down piece by piece.

I took some pictures of it today,
and it was actually quite emotional for me.

The trunk of that tree served as a hiding place for A LOT
of games of hide-and-seek;
it's branches held rope swings;
it towers over the other trees in the neighborhood providing shade;
it's an incredible piece of creation.

My dad thinks it's at least 200 years old...
that is amazing to me; 
and yet in the light of eternity,
it's nothing...
a mere moment.

We are here for mere moments.

No matter what your take is on eternity,
the truth of the matter is
our lives are pretty minute in the big scheme of things.
People have come and gone;
I am here and at some point,
I will be gone.
And what am I leaving behind?

Some "branches" to kindle someone's fire?
Some "stumps" where weary people can find rest?

I know, 
most people don't look at an old split tree and think of eternity,
but today I did.
And all throughout the week,
I've been given numerous opportunities to see that I'm not here for me.
There are bigger things going on all around me... us,
and if we allow ourselves to really open our eyes 
to see the needs around us,
it's amazing to see how
The One who knows us best,
will use us.

So, today, I'm thankful for an old Cottonwood.

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  1. Some of my best memories are spending time "imaginate-ing" in a big tree in my childhood home's backyard:).