Friday, June 1, 2012

Gratitudes: Day 1, Part 2

It is amazing to me how quickly things can change around me.
Right now there are several things that I am so thankful for,
I had to get on here AGAIN and share them.

I am incredibly thankful for my neighbor, Kari.
She's fun, she's funny, she is awesome.
She's letting me use their bike trailer...
this has changed my life.
I usually exercise once the kids go to bed,
with this bike trailer we can hop in and take off
we want to.
I am thankful for Kari and bike trailers.

My husband helped out some family friends who 
blessed him with some 
Jamaican Me Crazy coffee from
I snuck some.
I am thankful for those friends;
The Spice Merchant and the incredibleness that takes place there;

And just one more... or three more.
My two little ladies and my little Mister.
They teach me so much about myself
and about our Creator.
Those big blue eyes and little round faces
bring me to a place of humility like nothing else can.
I am thankful for little people-shaped mirrors.

Give thanks today!

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