Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gratitudes: Day 22 & Day 23

A little late, but yesterday I was very thankful for my sisters.
One has an extremely sweet heart
(she also had a birthday yesterday, so I'm thankful for her birth!)
and kindness springs forth out of her;
one has a genuine desire to help those in need and
 pours herself into the lives that need it;
one has a heart that overflows with generosity
and a spirit of adventure that would kill me;
and one has a love in her heart that is a true force to be reckoned with
and she also shares a spirit of adventure that would seriously hurt me.

All of them possess qualities that I yearn for and desire for myself...
it's almost as if they were placed in my life with purpose.
I love it.

And today I'm thankful for belated birthday gifts.
Really, REALLY thankful!!!!
(Specifically, thanks Dad.)

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