Monday, May 28, 2012


I've heard it said before
that a heart cannot be discontent and thankful 
at the same time.
I've also proven this saying over and over and over.
It's so true.
And once you begin,
you rarely feel the need to even dip your toes
into those pools of discontent.

So, for the month of June
I'm going to post something that my heart is thankful for each day.
Though my heart tends to linger in thanksgiving 
in this season,
I feel it's always good to stop and reflect
the many blessings we are given each day.

If you would care to join me,
I would love to read your comments of gratitude.
However, I should warn you:
If you display a heart of gratitude,
people will look at you with wonder;
they will be drawn to you;
they will wonder what is going on with you;
they won't get it.

And that's okay.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Campout.

For Mother's Day, I wanted to go camping.
I really just wanted to go camping, 
but I knew that if I just asked for it for Mother's Day,
then it would indeed take place.

We went out to a local lake;
found the perfect spot;
were practically eaten alive by ticks;
ate s'mores;
biked on hilly, forest-y roads;
and I took pictures.

I don't really get to just take pictures anymore.
Okay, well now that Instagram is on Androids,
I actually do
(you can find me at @sheislaughing).
But I don't get to just go out and get lost in the beauty around me.
So, this weekend was for that, too.
And that made me very happy.

Can't you tell from the pictures below?? 
I was being artistic,
and apparently I am serious about it!

The small town that the lake is near was a perfect place to just get lost in for awhile.
I tried to get a picture of this beautiful dog sitting out in her yard,
thinking to myself that maybe that wasn't the coolest thing to do right in front of 
someone's house,
and sure enough the owner came running out.
But he actually didn't mind at all once we chatted and became best pals,
because that's just what people do with me.
(Really, they do. I know the most random things
about the most random people
that I really don't need to know,
but I just have a face that makes people talk...
obviously, from the photos above.)

It ended up being just what I needed.
I felt refreshed and renewed...
once I was home in my air-conditioned house and showered.

Have the most lovely day...
and if you have the opportunity,
get lost for awhile.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Red Barn Outdoor Market Spring 2012

Isn't this dreamy, and magical, and simply incredible??
There is just something about barns that make me so happy.

I had mentioned the quality of the Vendors that we had...
THESE are some of their products.


Um, the food... was... amaaaaaaaaaazing.

And this right here just made my day.
The musicians that we had serenading us through the day were SO incredibly talented.
SO unbelievable.

Just wanted to share some of the wonderfulness that took place that day.
And guess what??
September 15th... we're doing it all over again!!

{all images are from Jade Street Photography}

Monday, May 14, 2012

May's Moments.

In my last post,
I had mentioned that I wasn't really in project mode lately.
For those of you who have followed me for awhile,
or actually really know me in real life,
this should seem strange to you and somewhat abnormal.
I'm always going.
I'm always moving.
I'm always up to SOMETHING.

As I sit here today,
with all three tiny people resting,
I'm still, as well.
Not napping
(though I had MAYBE two hours of sleep last night...
 because I did get a little creative blood running through me for a tad bit
and needed to create these immediately:

Leather and headbands... more on these soon, I hope.),
but just being still,
processing a number of thoughts running through my head.

For the last several years,
May comes in,
and I am brought to a place of humility and awe
of just what the Creator is able to do
in a moment.

May 16th, 2004
my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and two youngest brother's-in-law
were in a fatal car accident.
My mother-in-law and youngest brother-in-law (12)
were killed,
and my other brother-in-law (16) was left disabled.
I remember the details of this day and the weeks following
as if they happened last month.
I'll write them down at some point,
but not now,
maybe not even this year.

May 17th, 2006
my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage.
I've spoken of my two pregnancies that ended before,
It's been six years,
I remember every detail.

So, every year around Mother's Day...
I just rest in a very bittersweet place.

Each year brings the same longing
of just wanting to revel in the way my babies look;
the way my husband holds them;
their laughter;
their warmth.

I remember her.
Sometimes I physically ache to have her here.
She would have loved this season of life so much.

Each year leaves me in more awe
and more humbled than the year before,
so that's where I rest.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is the view of the moon from our driveway most evenings.
There's something about walking into the darkness
and seeing this shining glimpse
that stirs something in me.

It motivates me.

It encourages me.

Just this little peek of light can change me in an instant...

And then of course it makes me burst into "This Little Light Of Mine"
and makes me want to transform the world!

(Okay, and just a side note here...
my children sing this song daily accompanied my this version:

and they put their little "lights" up...
even my little 10 month old Mister.
It will never leave my mind as it is one of the sweetest things on earth!)

I haven't really been in project mode lately...
as you would be able to see if you came to my house 
and saw the many projects that are in half-finished mode.
The sun and the blue sky and the green grass
just call out to me saying,
"Nicole! Come outdoors. Come bask in our goodness!"
And I do...
every time.
Perhaps there will be some fun posts soon.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Father Knows Best

Saturday was a dream.
A dream that I haven't woken up from yet.

The market was incredible;
every little detail that my mind's eye saw
came to life for the eyes of everyone to see.

The Vendors were just downright
quality people,
selling products and items that they loved;
the music...
Oooooooh, THE MUSIC!
The music created something magical in the air;
the food,
the food,
Great, couldn't even come close to describing it...
it was so incredible!

As I walked around that day,
I just kept saying,
"God you DID this,
this is AMAZING."

And then I started thinking...

After living in the Corporate world for a number of years,
the desire was placed in me a long time ago
to have our own business.
A family business;
a place where our kids
(and by "our kids" I mean all the many children of family
and friends that I take a huge responsibility in deeply loving!)
can grow beside us,
learn how to relate to people... all people,
learn the value of working hard,
and learn the price of integrity.

A place where we can create;
a place where we can encourage and motivate others
to do what they are called to do;
a place where Love can truly be found.

This, to me, is a far off reality.
I'm not in the business growing season...
I'm in the baby growing season.
I love this season.
I've longed for this season.
I cherish this season.
Did I mention I love this season??
And that's where my head is.

But then the opportunity for this market came along.
From the beginning,
I committed my way,
knowing that this would be the only way
my plans would be established.
Good heavens, were they established?!?!?!

The market is everything
I want in a shop,
but like I mentioned before,
the whole shop dream is tucked away, 

The One who knows 
my every thought,
my every want,
my every need...
The One who knows JUST what I can handle,
gave me JUST what I could handle.

He always knows best.

Pictures were taken that day by 
stay tuned!