Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is the view of the moon from our driveway most evenings.
There's something about walking into the darkness
and seeing this shining glimpse
that stirs something in me.

It motivates me.

It encourages me.

Just this little peek of light can change me in an instant...

And then of course it makes me burst into "This Little Light Of Mine"
and makes me want to transform the world!

(Okay, and just a side note here...
my children sing this song daily accompanied my this version:

and they put their little "lights" up...
even my little 10 month old Mister.
It will never leave my mind as it is one of the sweetest things on earth!)

I haven't really been in project mode lately...
as you would be able to see if you came to my house 
and saw the many projects that are in half-finished mode.
The sun and the blue sky and the green grass
just call out to me saying,
"Nicole! Come outdoors. Come bask in our goodness!"
And I do...
every time.
Perhaps there will be some fun posts soon.

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