Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Father Knows Best

Saturday was a dream.
A dream that I haven't woken up from yet.

The market was incredible;
every little detail that my mind's eye saw
came to life for the eyes of everyone to see.

The Vendors were just downright
quality people,
selling products and items that they loved;
the music...
Oooooooh, THE MUSIC!
The music created something magical in the air;
the food,
the food,
Great, couldn't even come close to describing it...
it was so incredible!

As I walked around that day,
I just kept saying,
"God you DID this,
this is AMAZING."

And then I started thinking...

After living in the Corporate world for a number of years,
the desire was placed in me a long time ago
to have our own business.
A family business;
a place where our kids
(and by "our kids" I mean all the many children of family
and friends that I take a huge responsibility in deeply loving!)
can grow beside us,
learn how to relate to people... all people,
learn the value of working hard,
and learn the price of integrity.

A place where we can create;
a place where we can encourage and motivate others
to do what they are called to do;
a place where Love can truly be found.

This, to me, is a far off reality.
I'm not in the business growing season...
I'm in the baby growing season.
I love this season.
I've longed for this season.
I cherish this season.
Did I mention I love this season??
And that's where my head is.

But then the opportunity for this market came along.
From the beginning,
I committed my way,
knowing that this would be the only way
my plans would be established.
Good heavens, were they established?!?!?!

The market is everything
I want in a shop,
but like I mentioned before,
the whole shop dream is tucked away, 

The One who knows 
my every thought,
my every want,
my every need...
The One who knows JUST what I can handle,
gave me JUST what I could handle.

He always knows best.

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stay tuned!


  1. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. So thrilled it was all you dreamed-

  2. it was all lovely... can't wait for the next one. :)