Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Red Barn Outdoor Market

Sometimes I forget to mention things on this little blog,
and then I'll begin to write about something related and realize
no one is going to have a clue as to what I'm writing about.
There are so many things going on here daily...
I'd guess maybe 25% of it actually ends up being shared.
Sorry, it just happens.

However, I DO want to mention something
that is SO BIG in my life right now
and I am so very excited about it!

This weekend I'm hosting the first annual

We have over 30 local Vendors
whose products are either handmade/handcrafted 
or are Antique/Vintage,
live music playing throughout the day (9AM-3PM),
and delicious food.

It has been so much fun planning this,
and I'm hoping that it will lead to many 
other opportunities to get people out 
supporting our local community!

If you are local,
please do come out, say hello
and enjoy the festivities!

Where all the magic will happen!


  1. i'm so excited.... we will be there, coffee in hand!!

  2. WOW. I will be needing a LOT of pictures!! I'm so proud.