Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ticket.

The Little Mister and I getting our book signed by The Pioneer Woman.
About a month ago,
my sister-in-law was given a tip
was going to be making her way here
for a book signing of her most recent cookbook.

She also heard that you HAD to have a ticket to get in.

Upon hearing THAT information, 
she literally dropped what she was doing,
jumped in her car and drove to the little book shop down the street
which was going to be holding this event
and picked up four tickets...
one of those being for me.
Yet just another reason why sisters are 
to have around.

Once I heard about this,
I immediately was on the phone with 
one of my other sisters
because I knew she would hate me for life
if I had this information and kept it from her.
She was able to get some, as well
(so all is fine on the sister front).

And so the night arrived.
We packed into the car and made our way over
to the renovated church-turned-theatre
which the book shop so wisely rented for the evening.

I've never been to a book signing.
And honestly,
I'm not one to get hyped up over someone or something
so much that I'll go stand in line to get in to take part in it.
I frequent P-Dub's blog,
I've adapted some of her recipes on here,
it sounded like fun,
so I did.

Doors opened for seating at 5PM.
We arrived at 5:06 and the line was already down the street.

It was crazy, people, crazy.

As we finally were able to walk in,
we were told that the number on our ticket was our
signing number:

I looked at my number and was pretty happy about it.
Then I overheard someone say that their signing number was 1000...
and then I was REALLY happy about it.
Are you kidding me???

So, after a short presentation about how she began blogging,
and really all kinds of funny things
(she IS really funny)
I stood in line,
had my book signed,
had my picture taken,
and made my way out.

So, my first book signing was hit.
Thank you, Ms. Drummond.

And thank you for bringing your life to a halt
to get me that ticket, Sister.

AND thank you to everyone who rode with me for choosing
Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

A grand evening indeed.


  1. lucky! we were numbers 497-501... and got out around 10. they really had it set up well & it was a comfortable wait. yay for pw!