Monday, April 16, 2012

"I Made That!" Monday: Bead Bunting

Bunting is EVERYWHERE these days...
and I love it!
This bead bunting is a simple way 
to add loveliness anywhere.

You'll need:
Any kind of THIN Twine
Large Beads 

I already had twine, but picked up my beads at 
Hobby Lobby in the Jewelry section
where they just so happened to 
be 50% off that day.
I love it when that happens.

1. Measure out the twine to the length of bunting you want.
(I had ten beads and measured out 15 feet of twine
so I was able to have a bead every foot and twine 
leftover to attach)
2. Find the spot on the twine where the first bead will go and tie a knot.
(I ending up tying two knots as the holes in the beads were a bit larger 
than just one knot)
3. Slip the twine through the bead and then tie another knot to secure.
4. Repeat this with each bead.

See? Simple.
And look how lovely!


This was my Love's dinner last night
after our littles were nestled in bed;
after he constructed a shelf in our kitchen
next to the dishwasher which he installed Saturday;
after he chainsawed through some very thick 
wooden stumps that made their way home with me;
after he then bolted the wooden discs to wooden stakes
(lots of projects going on here, people!);
he's really so good to me.

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