Friday, April 6, 2012

I love Punch.

Um, I really do.
At parties, at weddings, wherever punch is served,
I like it.

For my daughter's birthday, 
I tried a punch recipe off Pinterest.
It claimed to be the BEST punch ever...
I don't really like to loosely throw around the terms
'BEST' and 'ever',
so let's just say that it was good.
I thought I could find better.
In fact, 
I thought I could DO better.
It turned out good.
Really good.

I've now made this punchy little drink
three times, two different ways.
The first way I used:
Frozen Pina Colada mix
Fresh Strawberries
Crushed Ice
Ginger Ale

Mixed all the ingredients together (minus Ginger Ale)
in a blender, 
poured some into a glass, 
then poured Ginger Ale over it.
This one was good.
I wanted to try it without the ice, though.

The second time I made it I used:
Frozen Pina Colada Mix
Frozen Strawberries
Ginger Ale

Same thing.
This one, 
also good.
Really good.

The third time I made this...
I seriously only made it to take pictures of it. 
Okay, and because I really wanted some.
The second recipe wins my vote.
The fresh strawberries and ice
just don't give it the texture it needs
to be magnificent.
And if you're drinking punch,
you need it to be magnificent.

Pina Colada ~ Strawberry Punch
You'll need:
Frozen Pina Colada Mix
Frozen Strawberries
Ginger Ale

Mix the Pina Colada Mix and the strawberries together in a blender.
You may want to add a little bit of water to keep the strawberries
from sticking to one another.
Once mixed,
pour mixture into 5 or 6 glasses until 1/2 to 3/4 full;
then pour Ginger Ale over it slowly,
filling the glass.
Get your straw and give it a little stir,
and then sit back and enjoy!

I think you could also easily make this into an actual punch
in a punch bowl as well. That will be my next try!



  1. I made this the other day at a friend's house. I'm so glad you introduced me to it. Such goodness.

  2. The idea of you just hanging in your kitchen making a glass of punch totally cracks me up. But why not? Personally, I love ginger ale with lime or rainbow sherbet. It gets so nice and foamy...such a lovely spring drink. But now I need to blend it to find out if that is even better! Also- digging the retro pic of you at the top. =)

  3. I'm dying to try this blended idea...seems like a new twist on punch. I've got a shower coming up, maybe I can whip this up!