Friday, February 24, 2012

On The Menu: P-Dub's Pots de Créme

That Pioneer Woman sure has a knack for all-around goodness!
Oooh, and guess what???
She's coming here!
And my sister snagged us some tickets to see her goodness in person!!!
And then I text my other sister and she got in on this madness!
And then I called my other sister and got her on this train, too!
Obviously, I'm a tad bit excited about this.

she recently posted a recipe for 
but in it she also mentioned that it was an updated
version of a recipe she posted back in 2008.
So, I checked it out...
and then I made it.


It is SO good.

And when you see the ingredients 
and how simple it is to make,
you'll run to your kitchen 
and make it immediately.
So, here's what you'll need:

Oh... and vanilla, oops.
Or whatever kind of flavoring or Liqueur you'd care for...
this is where the l'Orange came in on her updated version,
she used Grand Marnier.

Pour your bag of semi-sweet chips into the blender,
add four eggs, a pinch of salt, and a couple teaspoons of vanilla,
then pulse to blend.
Mix well and then...
take your HOT coffee (8-10 oz.)
and pour into your blender through the little top lid 
while continuing to blend.
Once blended and melded together well,
empty into some really cute or fun
pots, bowls, glasses,
whatever suits your fancy.
I have these really cute little tiny mason jars
that I used for this project {fail}
that worked smashingly.
They managed to come off cute,
yet filled to the brim with sassiness
(hmm, sounds a little like someone I know...).
See what I mean:

This recipe filled 11 of these small jars,
and I added some homemade whipped cream
and the amount was perfect
as this concoction is SO rich...
and wonderful.



  1. I was hoping you were making these! They were one of my faves even BEFORE I started my cray-cray-crazy diet :)

    1. I strive to please... well, sometimes I do. :)

  2. OH YUM!!! Just think, here soon those will be eggs from your back yard ;)

  3. i wrote this down when i was watching her show, now i just need to get around to making it! yours look scrumptious! maybe i should make some for craft night!