Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Wall Down...

Sure, it may be the smallest space of wall to cover
in our home...
but it's complete!
To some of you, 
this may seem like small potatoes...
however, it is a major feat in my book.

Here's a view of how it fits into the room:

See those curtains??
They're gettin' the boot!
Who knows when though... 
(I DO at least have all the materials needed to
make new ones;
it's just a matter of cutting, piecing, pinning, sewing...
you know, things that don't take much time at all.)
But, at some point...

I just would like to point something out:
see the shade of gray in the top picture
compared to the shade of gray in the bottom picture??
This drives me crazy.
Most of the time,
with the way the lighting is in our house,
it's the top shade of gray,
which I love.
There is a certain time of day
in which the light creates this
blueish-gray shade,
and I am not a fan.
I just needed to share that.

I have one other wall that is ALMOST complete.
It's been ALMOST complete for some weeks now.
It's just waiting for one more piece in order to
go from ALMOST complete
to officially complete,
but I just can't quite figure out what I'm wanting there...
it'll come to me, I'm sure.

What are some of your favorite pieces in your home??


  1. My favorite pieces are NOTHING because I moved into a fully furnished house...which really is a White Girl Problem if I ever heard one :) But it does leave me feeling (six years later) like I'm a bit of a guest in this here hotel. Or am I the maid? Yes, that's it. I'm the maid.

    I love your frame! It's so precious!

    1. My favorite piece in your home is your fancy beverage dispenser... especially when it's filled with fruit water! :)

  2. Hey you! Like your wall- so perfectly personal. As for me, I am still basking in the glow of my book page wreath. I know- it's been awhile, but it is a crush that is just not going away. Hope the birthday festivities were a true celebration of your special first. =)

    1. Oh, friend, this has definitely moved past just being a crush... it's true love and it's here to stay.

      (She's FOUR... unbelievable!!!)

  3. Gorgeous! You're so creative. :) In my house I love my paper frames and family photos in my hallway. (inspiration from Design sponge) http://www.designsponge.com/2010/11/diy-project-paper-frames.html

    1. Um, I just looked at these... how have I never seen them??? These will be going somewhere in our house!

    2. i love both your houses... and i'm digging that cross stitch(?) hoop. i want to learn how to do that... my next obsession, no doubt. ;)