Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On the Menu: The Train To Brussels

So, somehow I missed the train to Brussels...
Brussel Sprouts, I mean.

I did not eat Brussel Sprouts growing up,
and have never heard anyone say anything nice about them...
until recently.

First, my friend, Julie from my Book Club
LOVES them.
Like craves them love them.
So, one month she made them for us to try;
And I liked them,
I even noted my like for them here.

Then on my anniversary,
My Love and I got decked up real fancy and
went out to celebrate to a local seafood grill
(to which we had never been before)
and the server suggested that I try her fave,
flash-fried Brussel Sprouts.
Since I was in celebration mode,
I went for it!
And, whoa...
talk about 
I N C R E D I B L E.

And now I'm seeing them everywhere;
blogs, shows, 
I've even noticed them in the grocery store now
much more than I ever have before.
AND the health benefits of them...
good grief, they're quite amazing.

The other day I was craving those
little flash-fried sprouts.
And I wanted them.
So, I made them.

Oh, gracious, 
they were SO good
(I say they were SO good,
My Love says they were alright).
They tasted exactly the way I remembered them.
Ah! I just can't get over how GOOD they were.

So, here's what you do:

Strip a package of Brussel Sprouts of each of their little tiny leaves,
then (30 minutes later! Yeah, it seriously took me that long)
heat your skillet to a medium heat,
and cover with Olive Oil
then put ALL those little leaves in it.
Fry until the leaves are wilted and slightly crisp
and then sprinkle with just a tad bit of sea salt
(this is the restaurant's recipe,
I didn't have any sea salt at the time,
so I just used the salt I had)
and then serve.

We had ours with some Lemon-Dill Tilapia
and the whole meal was just...
I can't even think of another way to describe it.

Side note:
So, as good as this meal was...
two hours later and even later into the evening,
our house
So, Brussel Sprouts have been banned for now...
at least cooked this way or if my husband is going to be anywhere near our home.

I'm anxious to try some other recipes;
please don't MAKE me rely on Pinterest,
what do you have for me??


  1. OH JULIE!! She brought us to a love for Brussel sprouts too!! I wasnt a fan until I made them :) I didnt have the patience to take off all the leaves so I just quartered the sprouts fried with butter and soy sauce...yum!!
    Addie would love to peel off all the leave though I bet...Ill have to try this way next time!

    1. Hmm, just simply quarter them... what a novel idea! :) I will have to try them this way.

  2. I'd love your recipe for your dill sauce on top of the tilapia. I've tried a few different times to make a white sauce for salmon, but can't quite get the texture right. Yours looks nice and runny. I usually use a base of plain greek yogurt (vs. mayo or sour cream) and it's always too dry.
    Thanks in advance,
    Nicole B.

    1. I was concerned someone may ask about this. :) I just threw together some sour cream, cream, lemon juice, and dill. I really have no idea the measurements of anything I threw in. Sorry!

    2. That's totally fine, I'm not much of one for measuring either. As long as I know the ingredients I can usually figure it out. I'm thinking maybe I can stick with my yogurt base and make the addition of some cream to help thin it out. Thanks for the reply!

  3. I love them, too. I like to just shred them finely (kind of like you would cabbage for cole slaw) and quick-saute them in a bit of olive oil and garlic. Yum! I'd love to have your dill sauce recipe also. Looks like quite a lovely meal! :)

    1. Well, I have no "recipe" per se... I just threw together some sour cream, cream, lemon juice, and dill and let it simmer for awhile. Measuring things is not my biggest strength. :)

  4. Oh, Nicole. This recipe was my own train if you know what I mean: http://www.cookinglight.com/eating-smart/smart-choices/clean-eating-recipes-00412000069359/page10.html

    Sometimes I make this and then add it to a salad with craisins and goat cheese. Boy oh boy. ALL ABOARD!!

    love you!

    1. Oh, yes, I'll be hopping tracks for this one!
      (See how I tried to stay with the whole train theme we have going here...) :)