Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September: The Help

Last night was Book Club.
I've been a part of my book club for almost three years now.
It has evolved so much over the last three years; 
when we started, about half of us had kids or were pregnant, and we even had one who wasn't married.
Everyone is now married;
over a dozen babies have been born; 
we've taken each other dinners on numerous occasions for numerous reasons; 
we've agreed on things; 
we've disagreed on things; 
we've attended weddings together;
we've attended funerals together;
we've laughed and cried together... a lot.
We've lived life together.
And it's only been three years.
But these girls will be a part of my life as long as I have life.

This month's book was "The Help", by Kathryn Stockett.

And the really important part...

There were two who had read the entire book, four still reading, and two of us had seen the movie (which is currently playing in theaters) and we were missing four people.
I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and am still reading through the book.  
They seem to parallel each other pretty well for the most part from what I've read through.
I can usually get through a book pretty quickly, but this has been a little harder for me only because it's written in the Southern accent and it takes me a few chapters to get myself back in that place once I begin reading again.
I'm still in the first half of the book, so not too much of the plot has really taken place, however since I've seen the movie I already know what happens... so I'll talk about that.
I LOVED this movie.
There were moments that I felt so overwhelmed by emotion, I could not keep the tears from streaming down my face. There were moments that were SO funny, I busted out in laughter.
I love stories that emphasize love in ways that you don't often imagine.
The message throughout the movie was one of loving your enemy and having courage to do the right thing allowing truth to set you free.
It's just so good.
I definitely recommend this book/movie.

Oh yeah, and I tried Brussel Sprouts for the first time and I recommend those, too.


  1. Bahahaha! YAY Book Club! Now I don't have to blog about it because you already DID :)

    I love your menu! I thought about making water bottle labels, but decided on fruit water ( still pending) instead.

  2. Your book club sounds like a good plot line for a book. You should write that in all your spare time. Also- I thought your state fair trip sounded very brave...and a little crazy. But it's amazing what you can do with kids if you have a little bit of guts and a very healthy sense of humor. Miss you and kiddos. When will we meet this new little guy?????