Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, His Sense of Humor...

I love the Fair.
I love everything about the Fair. 
The Fair never disappoints me.

The pretzel bites with cheese that are so insanely good and the perfect remedy for worn out little ladies.

The chewy taffy stretched out right before your eyes, and then magnificently displayed in their sheer wrapper begging you to open them.

The tiniest goats I've ever seen.

Chickens with major attitude and exquisite flair.
(Cruella Di Vil, Cruella Di Vil, if she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will... isn't that the first thing you thought of when you saw this?)

Oh, yes... and the people.
This, my friends, was waiting outside the gate of one the Kiddy Rides as my young children and I exited. 
What a creative way of expressing themselves... good grief.
I certainly got my money's worth today!
(Admission was free with my Dillons Plus card... hehehe)

So, if all these images aren't enough to get you to the Fair, then I just don't know what will.

My day began by rounding up my posse and heading to my Dad's house.
He loves the Fair, too.  
He had already been once over the weekend.
We pick him up and head out for about an hour's drive.
We stop and get our cinnamon rolls as we roll through Amish country.
We arrive and I begin carefully packing my stroller's compartments with ALL the necessities I know I will need at some point... purse, camera, snacks, diapers, wipes, drinks... check.
I say a little prayer to the One who gives me so many opportunities to laugh each day, asking for just one thing today: 
"Please just keep my stroller's tires aired up while we're here."
You see, the tires on my stroller are like bicycle tires and I'm pretty rough on them; hauling two little ladies and all of our stuff over anything and everything that is in our path. They go flat ALL THE TIME.
But I knew my prayer was heard. 
So, we made our way onto the grounds looking through goats, sheep, horses, baby animals, rabbits, and then the little guy woke up NEEDING food.
I decided to make a little trek to the ladies room while my dad kept the girls and the stroller and were just going to walk around looking at the rabbits.
I walk out to my dad, kind of in panic mode, the little ladies just kind of pacing around, and the front wheel of my stroller, get ready for this one...
Somehow, the bolt had come loose and the front wheel just came off.
So, I laughed and thought,
"Oh yes, this IS funny, thank you.  I hadn't even THOUGHT to pray that the wheels would actually stay attached. You do indeed have quite the sense of humor! Now what do I do???"
I need a screwdriver and a wrench at this point and to my dismay I have neither and there are none just laying around waiting to be put to use.
So, I see some young men who look like they might have these tools, and ask if they can assist me in any way.  They do not have these tools, but they set off to find something that will work.
They come back with their boss, a knife, and pliers. 
Their boss was a jovial little woman who also enjoyed the humor in this situation; the knife worked quite well as a screwdriver and the pliers did the rest.  And we were on our way. 

Throw in one of the little's legs getting caught between the door and the stroller while passing through, the other little tripping over every single cord in her path, an eventful trip to the restroom with one tiny screaming "BUT I DON'T NEED TO GO YET!!" then bursting into tears, and a Grandpa who had no idea what he was really in for, and there's our day.
And one of our back tires did end up going flat.

My gifts today are almost to numerous to even type out.
It was indeed a wonderful day.

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  1. Oh NICOLE! I do love the humor in this!! Im tellin ya, we need to buy a bulk pack of inner tubes! And maybe a little "stroller sized" tool kit ;)