Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why, yes, you can call me Ms. Thrifty!

I'm the oldest of my siblings; and I'm the only girl.
So... yes, I'm spoiled (this is beside the point...) and I crave alone time.
Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a good get-together and I don't even need a reason to have one, but I do get to the point of just really needing some time by myself.
And this weekend, I hit my breaking point.
Fortunately, I married this guy:
This is an old picture...as in a DECADE ago when we were dating!
It makes my heart flutter.
And he actually looks exactly the same.

 and when I hit this breaking point, he's all for me getting away 
(and it has nothing to do with the fact that I stomp around the house huffing and puffing... or maybe it does...either way I get outta there!).

So, this weekend I had a few things in mind that I wanted to get done.
A trip to the Dollar Tree on a mission to find crocheted doilies that my soon-to-be sister-in-law said she had seen there... check.
A trip to Target... check.
Hit a few thrift shops and garage sales that I had seen earlier in the week... check.

Oooohhhh man, and look at my finds!!

I already have a similar glass jar and I'm thinking some terrariums for the girls would be fun.

That mirror is just awesome.

I basically stole those shoes. 
Those are Born shoes, which are SO incredibly comfortable. I ran into a thrift shop next to the Dollar Tree just to look around and stumbled upon the mecca of amazing shoes that have never been worn.  However, whoever priced these had no idea what they were pricing because these babies along with some others (Gianni Bini's!!!) were marked lower than even the Target brand shoes that were there. I seriously looked around me in astonishment as if I was in some kind of fantasy world and then snatched them up and ran for the register.

That sweater is also awesome.

I loved that window pane and am thinking a wall hanging or maybe even a picture frame of some sort... we'll see.

I've been contemplating making a new bed set.  I pinned one that I loooove and thought I could make and have been taking the steps to figure out all the materials I'd need for this project, but then I saw this set. 
And it was marked down to less than $20.
And I'm no fool.
I snatched that up, too.
And then I hopped on the front of my cart and cruised through the main aisle yelling,
And from there, it's kind of a blur... I remember breaking out in a little song and dance number to "Hooked On A Feeling" (the Blue Swede version, NOT David Cassidy) with some of the employees and other customers, but like I said, it's blurry.

So, anyway... that was my weekend.


  1. Great finds! I pretty much lived in my Born sandals this summer...and I thought I found a great deal getting them for $50 instead of $100! Well done, friend. Well done.

  2. Would you please not use the term "decade"? It's depressing.

  3. Ahahaha!!! You and I are SO alike. Good thing we're going to be married to very similar brothers. :) My mom was digging around in my grandma's garage a few weeks ago and came across an almost identical jar. She snagged it to give to me last weekend. I exclaimed with giddiness, "I know JUST what I'll use this for!...a terrarium!!!"


    Crickets in the whole room, I tell you!

    I'm glad you understand my thinking.

  4. P.S. I luuuuurve your new header. You are beautiful.

  5. Erin, I LOVE dill, so I'm going to try this out soon.

    Angela, having a decade under our belts is actually something to shout about... so you got off easy with me just tucking it in a little caption. :)

    Alina, we made our terrariums today. One included a locust shell. I don't know how you'll top that; if you need help from the little's, I will loan them out.