Friday, February 3, 2012

And The Winner Is...

Since I'm all about doilies right now,
I've been looking forward to sprucing this 
lampshade up for awhile.
As soon as I dabbed one little spot of paint on,
I knew it was headed for utter failure.
So, I moved on...

Stencil, of course...
"How hard can a stencil be??", 
I thought to myself.
Ugh! Gross.
So, putting all my creative powers to use...
this is what I ended up with!
Oh yes, you're seeing this right,
it's JUST painted.
No frills, no DOILIES, NO stencils,
just painted.
Okay, there's a little frill,
it is painted with metallic silver and gold.
And honestly,
I love it.
It shimmers.
It sparkles.
And it's just simple.
It was a good life lesson for me to remember.
A little shimmer;
a little sparkle;
and just plain simple
{almost} ALWAYS works.

Also... check out my sponsor, Lori, over at
and see her INCREDIBLE kitchen makeover!
It will get you excited,
trust me.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Love the lampshade! I totally tried stenciling with lace and craft paint one time and it failed as well! I ended up with solid stripes!!:) Thanks for mentioning my kitchen!
    P.S. Would love to help you with yours! It is easier than you may think!

    1. I'm seriously thinking about it, Lori!!! We'll see...

  2. I really like the clock on your table. And the lampshade is snazzy. Good work!