Monday, June 18, 2012

"I Made That!" Monday: diy Summer Day Teepee

My littles are always looking for a cozy little place to hide away in,
and making some little teepee's has been on my never ending  project list for awhile.

I chose THE most simple way to do this
and used stuff that we already had,
so this was a great afternoon project.

You'll need:

Four sticks similar in height
(at whatever height you'd like the teepee to be)

A Full or Queen Size Sheet

Rope or Twine


Begin by setting the sticks up creating a pyramid;
then take the rope or twine and begin looping it through every other stick.
I reinforced it by looping it completely around one stick and 
then looping it a few times in the opposite direction as well.
Knot the two ends together a couple times.

Cut an 'X' in the middle of the sheet
and then drape over the sticks,
pulling the sticks through the 'X'.

I tied each opposite triangle (from the 'X' cut through the middle) to each other 
to keep the sheet from slipping at the top,
and also knotted the ends to the bottom of each stick.

I cut a straight line up one of the sides for an entrance
and knotted the ends together to keep it open.

Add some blankets, pillows, and books
and you have the perfect little Summer day teepee.


  1. i adore this!!!!!! that goes on my summer-to-do list.

  2. This is precious!! I know I have been MIA! I don't know I just haven't felt the whole blogging thing! Hopefully I will have a new office to share before too long!

  3. how adorable:) Love the cloth!