Thursday, June 7, 2012

vintage wear: Polka dots

If you've ever read my profile description,
you'll have seen that I have a love of vintage dresses.
I can get a little crazy when I see potential in something
(you may have noticed from past posts that this is not limited to vintage dresses).
I realize not everyone can look at something and see the potential in it
(those people also probably have nicely organized basements, garages, and sheds
that are not full of treasures waiting to have their potential revealed to them and the world),
so I thought I'd start a new series to share some of my finds
and the potential I saw in them.

I saw this beauty and fell in love.
First, it's polka-dotted.
How could I pass up a polka-dotted dress?
I could not.
Secondly, that accordion skirt is the twirliest skirt you ever have seen.
I had to have it.

So, for this particular dress, I:

Shortened the sleeves;
I loved the sleeves, however I have short arms and it just wasn't working.

Cut out the mid section;
You can see on the before picture that there is fabric between the top and the skirt.
The length of the skirt was just a tad too long, 
so by cutting out this fabric and attaching the skirt back to the top,
it came out the perfect length for me...
because my legs are kind of short as well.

Removed the buttons, added a bow;
because the only thing that could have made this dress cuter,
was a bow.

Paired with some black tights and heels,
this little number danced the night away at a recent wedding reception.
Why waste a twirly skirt by just sitting around mingling??

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