Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gratitudes: Day 9

I realize that this is a day late,
but we had friends in town staying with us this weekend, so...
it's a day late.

On Saturday I hit my head on the ceiling going down to our basement.
This is something I don't often do because I'm quite aware of the distance I have there
having lived here for awhile.
However, while walking up the steps,
I was putting myself into a self-absorbed frenzy,
so when I hit the ceiling,
it kind of felt like a little bop on the head...
and I immediately had the thought to get over myself.
And I did.
It must have jumbled some things up in there and straightened them out!
So, I'm thankful for bops on the head.

As I mentioned before, 
we had friends staying with us over the weekend...
six of them...
in our two-bedroom home...
where five of us already live.
It was wonderful.
There was energy and laughter and goodness
taking place all weekend.
So, I'm thankful for small spaces and eternal friendships.

And walks to the little DQ...
and waffle brownie bowls...

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