Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Personal Faves- Kids

Kids are possibly my most favorite to photograph... and here's why:

1. They could care less if you're trying to get the best shot of them 
(unless it's their Senior Portrait and then you better be getting THE most incredible shot possible! Who doesn't want to hand out an autographed photo of themselves, turn to walk away and then overhear their classmate telling another classmate how FINE they are??? 
Or see it hanging in their mom's living room a few years down the road and think, 
"Daaang. I was fine.").

2. They could care less that their mom went out the night before to find the perfect headband or the perfect shoes to go with the perfect overalls... both are coming off as quickly as they can get their hands on them.

3. They know how to have fun and kind of like having someone there to document how awesome they are as a superhero, or how twirly their dress is as they spin around.

4. They just love life.

5. They make me laugh... and laugh... and laugh.

Please enjoy My Personal Faves- Kids.

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