Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chairs in revival

One weekend afternoon a few months ago, I was out... 
by myself... 
in an Antique Mall. 
It was divine.
I was out looking for some chairs that I could set outside on my porch that weren't plastic and weren't expensive.  However, I was also on the lookout for anything else that caught my eye so I was there for quite awhile. And as I was rounding the corner slowly losing hope, I saw these folded up and tucked away. And hope swooped back in like a bandit.
They were a little beat up and a little rusty, but they're metal and the detail on them is beautiful (side note: I'm ALL about the small details!) and the best part... they were $10 each.
So they've set on my porch in their fading beauty now for a few months and I was finally motivated and inspired to bring them back to life (another side note: that motivation/inspiration may also have had room to come back once my most recent little nine pound rascal made his entrance into this world!).
Ooh, and I love them! The detail in them now shines and demands you take a seat. I love it.

But the madness didn't end there.
I had some other chairs inside my house that were also needing a bit rejuvenated. And so they were.
You'll be seeing these again off and on.  About six months ago, I began redecorating my house. And then being pregnant while mothering two toddlers kicked in and the redecorating came to a major halt. But I'm back in gear now and will be updating as I go.  These chairs sit in a little room off my kitchen which has been the first room to be revived. Stay tuned.

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