Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here's Why Sisters Are Nice To Have Around

They find you treasures like this!!!!
Remember these chairs?? My sis-in-law found this matching planter while scouring Antique shops for her own finds!!  I could not believe it. 
And I love it.
Let me just let you in on the conversation that took place as she handed this to me... my husband, my brother/her husband, her and I were all standing together on the porch:
Sis: "Well, I have something for you."
Me: "Whaaat? What is it??" 
( I had been inside, so cue running outside at this point.)
Sis: "I found this."
Me: "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Where?? I LOVE IT!! Oh my goodness!"
At this point my husband and brother are just looking at it wondering what the big deal is and then both realize that it matches my set of chairs on the front porch.
Brother to Sis/His Wife: "How did you even remember what these chairs looked like??"
Me: "Uh... because she's a girl."

Brothers are nice to have around for A LOT of reasons... but they do not remember the patterned detail in your porch chairs, store it in their mind, and then recall it when they see the exact same pattern in something else... and THAT is why sisters are nice to have around.

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