Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old Faithful and The New Gal

Have I mentioned lately how much I love having sisters?
Let me just put this into perspective here:
I grew up with two younger brothers
and lived with my dad from 14 on.
Yeah, me and three boys.
I married the oldest of five boys...
five very BOYISH boys.
I love boys
(especially the snuggly little piece of roundness
who looks like a baby version of his daddy!).
I love brothers,
I mean LOVE them...
like I can tear up just thinking about 
HOW MUCH I love them kind of love.
But then sisters started coming along,
and a whole other world was before me.

I also REALLY love having my sisters on Pinterest.

So, a few months back I pinned this camera bag:


Isn't it so beautiful?

Yes, it is.
It's also $309.00...
slightly over what I'm willing to pay for a camera bag,
just slightly.
Oh my, but it IS beautiful.
I'd look at it every so often and just smile,
having come to terms that we would never be together.

And then it was my birthday.
At my in-laws house, we have birthday dinners
(birthday person gets to pick the meal, dessert, 
the birthday table cloth is put on the table,
everyone sings and it's a jolly good time)
and then we get to open our gift.

No one had asked for any suggestions this year
(which I was actually ecstatic about because I 
LOVE surprise gifts!)
so I was looking forward to seeing what they had come up with.
Oh mercy! They did not disappoint.

apparently searched high and low
and finally when the hopes of finding 
were almost gone,
my brother spotted this
(and it was on CLEARANCE!!).
My sister then MADE the form inside.
It is amazing.

Check out her blog for the full tutorial.

The strap that came on it was just a tad thin
so I added Old Faithful,
who has been gracing my shoulder 
since my very first 35mm.

Aren't they such a lovely couple?


  1. Oh yes!!! I love the "new" strap! Like I said, the thin strap was the only thing I was worried about. This makes me suuuuuper happy!

  2. aww lovely!! it looks great :)) lets follow eachother?

    xoxox hanz