Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just a few lists... no big deal.

I lived to tell of the organizational frenzy...
now to implement it.
Eee... yikes!
I consider myself a pretty efficient person 
in every aspect of my life...
except home keeping.
I don't feel like I was ever really taught
how to keep a home running efficiently.

This can be no more.
There are five of us nesting in a home
built more for two.
To motivate myself,
I checked out Martha
and read through "Large Family Logistics"
and put together some lists.

There are some MAJOR 
OC tendencies to follow,
so proceed with caution!
I know myself very well
and know that I need every single thing
listed out in order
for me to accomplish it.

So, this first list is a daily task list.
Each day has the tasks that I would like to be accomplished.
And it gives me an idea of how I can 
schedule things throughout the week.
Obviously, I can rearrange things as needed.

Oh, yeah also if my list looks pretty
I'll accomplish more.
I've printed these off and laminated them.
I'll keep them in a notebook
and each day take out the necessary one,
hang it up and use a whiteboard marker
(because obviously I also now have a whiteboard!)
to cross off the list.
If you'd like to join this madness,
you can use this PDF as a starting point for your own daily task list.*

On Friday's list,
there is a task that reads
"Cleaning Morning: see Weekly Cleaning List".
This is an actual list of EVERYTHING
I need to clean, dust, sweep, mop and scour
around our home.

I've laminated this one as well,
so I can cross off as I go.
You may also use this PDF as well.*

I'm also planning on getting a little whistle to use,
similar to that of Captain Von Trapp
but continuing to sing and dance more like
Fraulein Maria throughout the day.
Okay, not really about the whistle;
but, really, about the singing and dancing.

*Please only download and print these for your personal use.

Commence organizing, friends!

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