Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gift Swap Treats

Remember the gift swap?
Well... I loved it...
and was introduced to some incredible creatives.

First up,
"Love what you do" print,
You can also find her here 
as she chronicles her 
adventures as a newlywed.

The colorful quilt was done by Jess Bridge,

The Instagram Calendar,
by Marilyn over at Passionista Presents
(where you will find and sample some of the best taste in music!)
can be purchased here.

The mug rug is a 
moxiemandie original,
and can be purchased here;
but go check out all her amazing-ness at

And last, but certainly not least,
the wax seal necklace (um...awesome!) by
Brook aka Ritzy Misfit,
and can be purchased through her shop.

Each piece is so unique... I love them!
Go check these people out
and show them some love
by buying their stuff...
in fact, buy two!
Then you can keep one and pass the other on...
and the circle of love continues.