Thursday, November 3, 2011

Whew doggy!

This is Robert and Charlie... 
oh yeah, and their owners.
Robert and Charlie have their own ideas,
and their own way of doing things.
I obliged...
because LOOK at those faces!!
Well, and the fact that Robert is actually the size of a small pony...
I have never had the pleasure 
of photographing dogs before
(except my own The Most Disobedient, Tig),
and Robert and Charlie have set the bar high.
Such great dogs and SO sweet.
My pal, Kristy, actually fosters dogs and Robert
just happened to be one that they ended up keeping.
For more info on fostering, check out the organization,
And if you need something to smile about later on,
just come on back over here
and check out little Charlie
(who preferred to have his backside photographed
more than his front... hey, if you got it, flaunt it.)

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