Saturday, November 19, 2011

A lovely day...

This was indeed a lovely day! 
The Kansas wind had a very brisk chill in the air,
which provided lots of opportunities to
snuggle and cozy up to one another.
We were also in an area which provided
the little guy A LOT of space to run around in and explore...
which also provided Dad with a great workout for the day.
Two birds with one stone...

I'm looking forward to this next week.
REALLY looking forward to it, actually.

Coming soon... as in TUESDAY!!
My SIXTH niece is making her debut 
(maybe... possibly... before then????).
I cannot wait.

Oh yeah...
and there are some projects brewing around here;
our living area and small hallway WERE painted;
and I DID get that Spangles Pepsi
from one of the most awesome sisters 

Give thanks this week!!!

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