Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give thanks

Sometimes there are moments
when I forget that this is not my home.
And sometimes I forget that
my Maker 
had even THOSE moments written for me...
with purpose.
So, today,
I'm thankful for hope;
for overwhelming joy;
for opportunities to actively exercise 
for undeserved grace;
for humility...
ah, yes, even humility.

I'm thankful for the new little 
purposed life that made her entrance 
into this incredible world
with a full head of jet black
Betty Boop hair;
for brothers who make me laugh;
for sisters who literally stop what 
they are doing and come rescue me;
for parents who taught me how to 
encourage others
by encouraging me...
for getting the opportunity to 
not only know my grandparents,
but to actually live life with them;
for friends to love and be loved by:
and for big blue eyes
that make me melt.

Give thanks, friends.


  1. When we take a good look at it, we realize there are much more to be thankful than we ever thought.

  2. Its really nice. Good wrk gng