Friday, July 20, 2012

{Maternity} Bryan & Kiera

The little guy still being knit together in this belly
may not ever know the extent of his parent's joy because of his existence.
The prayers that have been lifted up for him are too numerous to count;
perseverance, faithfulness, and love have taken root in the hearts of many
because of his story...
The rejoicing that will take place when he enters this world will be breath-taking
(just imagining it gives me chills!).

And speaking of breath-taking...

Kiera's outward beauty doesn't even come close to
the loveliness going on in her heart!
She is amazing.
Their little guy still has a few more weeks to go,
but the peace that springs forth from his momma is unshaken.

Bryan and Kiera,
thank you SO much for allowing me to illustrate just a few chapters of this story.
When I say that I cannot wait for him to get here...
I mean...
I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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