Monday, July 30, 2012

"I Made That Monday!": A Productive Week

I found myself in project mode last week.

Two pillowcase dresses for two little ladies.
These are not actually pillowcases, but SO simple to create.
I have STACKS of fabric pleading to become
the wears of the tiny fashionistas around here.
I may even get really crazy and make myself one.

A leather flower.
Oooh, this has been a dream in my mind since I began creating these hair pins,
and I have to say that this one is my favorite yet.
That mustard color and those white vintage gems together make me smile...
every time I look at it.

Arm Candy.
I had seen a wrap bracelet in a local shop here and SWOONED over it.
It was so incredibly beautiful.
It was also $40.
I could not spend $40 on a bracelet.
Fortunately, a few weeks later,
some fellow crafters and I worked our magic little fingers to the bone
to create our own.
I BEGAN the bracelet one evening,
worked on it for a good hour and a half to two hours,
and finished it a few days later after spending at least another two hours on it
(Granted, I am a perfectionist.).
That wrap bracelet I saw in the local shop here...
worth every single penny.

Custom Canvas Art.
This is so simple, 
and such an easy way to create words throughout your home.
I had originally seen it done here,
and then began seeing it all over Pinterest.
The original one I saw is actually a Paint-By-Number painting picked up at a thrift shop,
with Vinyl lettering placed together to make the quote and then painted white.
Mine is actually a canvas,
painted with colors that I chose,
Vinyl lettering over that to create the quote
and then spray painted with a glossy white paint.
Let the paint dry for the afternoon, or overnight,
and then peel away the letters.
My Love created a video of our life together put to the music of "Stand By Me";
this will hang in our room.
I may be going overboard with these soon.

Also, plans have begun for the 2012 Fall Red Barn Outdoor Market.
The musicians are lined up;
The food Vendors are tweeking menus;
and the Vendors are registering and preparing.
If you are local, come!
(and even if you're not... ahem... Becky! It's worth a little weekend trip.)
It is magical.

Get creative today!

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