Monday, July 16, 2012

"I Made That!" Monday: Rose Cabochon Pendants

Let me fill you all in on something...
Each morning I wake up to some crazy little munchkin people running into my room;
they cuddle and snuggle and jump and finally realize that they are ready for breakfast
and just start saying over and over, 
"I'm ready for breakfast, I'm ready for breakfast...".
So we're up and at em' pretty quick getting breakfasts made and bellies filled.
in the time that they are cuddling and snuggling and jumping,
I am usually checking emails...
looking for one very special,
very exciting email...
each morning.

It's my daily deal from The Plaid Barn.
The Plaid Barn is a website that offers you an
on some kind of craft supply or DIY kit each day
at FRACTIONS of their normal costs...
seriously like up to 90% sometimes!
For someone who LOVES a deal
has an addictive personality...
well, you can just imagine.

These were actually two different daily deals:
(which also came with an epoxy cover...
the girls and I have already made some Mod Podged pendants and used those...
and they are CUTE!)
the Tiny, Petite Rose Cabochons.

I saw these sitting together one day and decided they would combine
and be the perfect little afternoon project for me.
I painted a few of the pendants,
but loved the look of the wood for some of them.
Then I just glued the little cabochons on,
and the connector for the chain,
and voila!
And I still have some left over...
so some sisters may be getting some treats soon,
we'll see.

Be lovely today!!


  1. Cute! You're so crafty and creative!!!

  2. Love it! I am also on the list of people who madly scramble to check their email for The Plaid Barn emails. :P Though...I STILL haven't gotten my little glass jars. :(

    1. Hi Julia,
      The mini glass vials were shipped out quite a while ago... you should have received your's by now. You can email me at lindsay{at} if you haven't received your order.


    2. Thanks so much, Lindsay!! I made sure Julia saw this to get connected with you. :-)