Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LOVE is: Saying I'm Sorry

Here's a little word picture...

Imagine two bears living side by side in the woods, in a cozy little bear cave.

Sometimes one bear snags an extra fish out of the creek because the other bear isn't as good at catching fish.

Sometimes one bear shares the honeycomb that it found with the other bear, because it knows how much the other bear loves honey.

They play a lot together. They like each other more often than they don't like each other.

But sometimes they can get a little rough with one another. And one bear feels attacked, so it scratches back just a bit more harshly. Then the other bites back with just a little bit more intention. Then the growling begins. And the woods feel dark.

And even after living in the woods together for quite awhile, sometimes it's still hard to find the break in the trees overhead that would shed just enough light from above to let them see what they looked like before one bear scratched too deeply.

And then the other bear retrieves to the cave.

Shortly after, the other bear shifts just enough to look up and see the light from above. And the light shows very clearly the path to the cave where the other bear is inside nursing its wounds.

And the bear outside slowly walks into the cave, wanting so much just to run and wrap it's arms around the other bear, and quietly offers an "I'm sorry."

And sometimes there are bear hugs that follow and sometimes there aren't.

But the bears love one another with a mighty love and they always will.

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