Monday, November 19, 2012


I recently posted about a juice cleanse that I was doing. I did continue throughout the weekend and am so glad that I did. The evening of my last post had me feeling terrible... seriously terrible. The cleanse had not flushed out my systems the way that I had hoped, which made me consider that something actually was not working properly in my body (I've actually been saying this for months, hence the reasoning behind the cleanse in the first place!).

When I write that my systems weren't "flushed" I am basically saying that I did not go to the bathroom all week. Only having the juice concoction that I was drinking should have definitely made that happen. So, on Friday I began taking a mild laxative as well, just to see if that would help. Thankfully, it did. This, along with the two extra days of the cleanse, made me feel INCREDIBLE. I do feel like my systems were finally flushed out and I am amazed at how I feel. Even more amazing, I had not begun my cycle since having the little Mister (he's almost 18 months old!) and within two days, I had (with NO cramping, bloating, or fatigue!!! Whaaaat?!?!?!). Every ache and pain that I've been concerned about was gone. Just gone.

I researched adding solids back into your diet once your cleanse was over and found a schedule that looked good for me and slowly began adding solid food back into my diet; soft, cooked vegetables the first day; grains, the next (I actually had quite a few solid things that evening as I had some guests over and I DO NOT recommend that, bring it back slowly!!); dairy, the third day; animal meats, the fourth day; and I could begin eating fish the fifth day. I do feel as though my body reacts to either dairy or grains in an adverse way, so I'm hoping to keep those to a minimum (but seriously, I now notice how much of those two things are part of my daily diet, so it will take a little bit of tweaking for sure... totally worth it to me after doing this though!).

{Becky, this next section is for you!} I've always wanted a juicer, but after watching "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" I wanted one more than ever! So, I kept my eyes open, but they are so expensive and I just could not justify spending that kind of money (though in hindsight knowing just what it could do, it's absolutely worth the money). However, I follow Groupon and one day they had a Dash Juicer as one of their deals. It ended up only being $69 and I couldn't pass that up.

I love this juicer. It is so easy to use and even better, so easy to clean up. I also learned that this is one of the only juicers that will juice Celery (which was one of my ingredients) so I was quite happy about that. There's a great review here as well... if I didn't sell you on it, this lady will!

I'm not just happy with the results, I am ecstatic at the changes that it's allowed me to make. The ailments that were bothering me (that my doctor was unable to diagnose or really even help with) are just gone and I am amazed that our bodies are made the way they are. 

I'm a juicer for life.

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