Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Market and some CUTENESS!

Preparing for The Red Barn Outdoor Market is in full swing! This means a few things for me... my mind has just a few more things than usual swimming around in it... uh, like the 56 Vendors that are participating this season!!! I'm so incredibly excited, humbled, and feel so blessed by work of my Creator's Hands. Through this opportunity, I'm learning so much about people, business, myself, and just life in general. It's incredible.

And then there are the people who are always on my mind...

That little superhero is turning three next week. Goodness, they are cute... and full of life! I've been enjoying them so much this week. They're all at growing points in their lives that are so exciting and {mostly} enjoyable. Just being able to see them interacting with one another is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining parts of my day.

So, the Creative in me is working together with the Business Woman in me to get some things done in these next few weeks to provide people with an incredible experience! The Mom/Wife/Teacher/Playmate/Sister/Daughter/Friend in me... is trying to keep up!

And I love it.

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