Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shimmer and Lace

The curtains...
ooooooh, the curtains!
These turned out even better than I had dreamed them in my head!
And I always love it when that happens.

So, if you hadn't noticed from some of my other decor,
I'm bringing gold back.
I love the look of it and
the contrast of the silver and gold together
with the lace,
oh, goodness,
it makes me swoon.
It's so romantic.

When I had originally painted the room,
I was planning on keeping the blue curtains we had
but dying them a grayish kind of hue.
Then I had the idea to go for a dark, dark brown.
Long story short... they ended up a disturbing shade of purple.
So, when I just happen to stumble upon the silver fabric
for $1.50 a yard,
I took that as a sign that I was supposed to enhance our space with it.
The lace was around $2;
the gold fabric was on sale (later found at a different store)
for around $5;
and the backing was around $8
(with my 50% coupon to Joanne's... thanks Jess!).
That's $21, people...
for four custom panels.

What's your take on gold these days??


  1. oh.my.goodness. i LOVE the curtains... i've been wanting to make curtains for our bedroom with lace & gold but couldn't see it in my head without being gaudy, ya know? ... those are def inspiration! our styles are so similar... love!

    p.s. you're welcome!!

  2. I meant to say how much I loved them the other night when we babysat! It makes your cute little bungalow, as you said, romantic! I could just feel the love in that house! You are so creative, daughter!!