Thursday, December 22, 2011

Joy To The World... indeed!

So, what do you think happens 
when two people
who both like to blog,
who both LOVE diy crafting,
and who both laugh a lot
get together?

Well, quite honestly... 
nothing really THAT productive.
Okay, okay, that's not completely true.
Let me first give some background here:

Over the Summer,
Lori, from head above water, and I
met each other...
in a dark movie theater.
We weren't there to meet each other.
We were there to hang out 
with our mutual friends.
However, as the evening went on,
we found ourselves 
laughing, no,
at all the same parts;
weeping over all the same scenes;
and then afterwards figuring out
that neither one of us are too keen on 
getting/giving physical affection
to anyone and everyone!
As you can read for yourself,
we were meant to be.

Here's the sad part...
we don't live in the same town.
So, we knew going into this that
our meetings would be few and far between.
But, we went for it!

her parents live in my town
so she visits every so often.
At the beginning of December,
we decided to have our first 
craft day.
My husband and her sister both
questioned what exactly was going on.
Please... just don't try to understand.

Lori's mom watched her boys for her;
I put each of my little Loves down for a rest;
and we began!

Each of us had a project.
I had pinned something that I was very eager to do.
However, I REALLY should have done
some prep work.
All I wanted to do was stencil the words,
"Joy to the world"
on a map.
Rather than buying stencils,
I decided to do it myself and make a stencil...
because that's what I do.
Um... in the THREE hours that we spent together,
I managed to get TWO letters cut out.
Of course, there were a lot of factors:
kids getting up;
looking through fonts;
kids getting up;
more fonts;
other kids getting up;
oh yes, and laughing... a lot.
So, two weeks later,
here's what I FINALLY accomplished:

And I love it.

Lori was working on a great project and 
actually accomplished something while 
being in my home.
She had come across some of her grandfather's ties, 
bought some cute buttons,
no-sew glue,
and made bracelets for her and each of her sisters.
Isn't that SUCH a great idea??
I love it.
So, now each of them have a little something
to remind them of their grandpa.

Prepare yourselves.
Who knows what Lori and I will do next?!?!

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  1. How did I not read this until now???? I love it! And I can't wait to do it again!!!