Monday, December 5, 2011

Handmade and a Little Bit of Charm.

Man, December 1st first hit and we were off!
Our month has already been so full of wonderfulness,
and it's only the fifth day!

One of the blog's I follow
decided to host a handmade gift swap this year.
I, of course, was in on this pretty much
as soon as I was finished reading the post.
We were sent an email with five others
names and addresses
from around the US
(and actually I think it may have 
been open internationally if you didn't mind
paying the shipping!)
and instructed that it just had to be handmade.
So... here are some of the gifts I made:

And I've already received two gifts so far
that are awesome!
In fact, one of the crafty ladies has an
awesome site that you should check out:
only after you've finished reading what I've written,
of course.

Let's see...
oh, yes, photos.
That last weekend of photo sessions was a
great opportunity for quick thinking and 
using my charm.
Both days were COLD and WINDY.
Great for snuggling up under a cozy blanket
watching movies and drinking hot cocoa...
not ideal for asking people to sit and pose
until I get the best shot.
Thankfully, an eclectic little local shop
and a newly renovated hotel here in town
obliged my requests of them
and allowed us in.

This week brings a birthday for 
my Love, my husband.
Nothing too crazy planned,
just mushy little things letting him know 
how thankful I am
for his life...
which, of course, he'll love.

And next week brings
Oh... I love weddings.

Enjoy these magical days! 


  1. Wow I love those little flowers you made! Are they Brooches?

  2. Lovely! I love the color palette of the handmade flowers! Also, I love weddings :)

  3. pretty flowers! i hear we are to meet soon... looking forward to it! merry christmas!!
    j ragsdale