Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've gone MAD!!!

I imagine that in the next few weeks felt flowers and bows 
will not only be adorning our heads around here,
but everything in sight!
I am addicted.
To say I have an addictive personality is an understatement...
 a HUGE understatement.

Thanks to you that have given me your feedback on this little venture.
I really, really do appreciate it.
I told my husband that I was thinking about selling my little lovelies...
actually, let me just recap the conversation for you:

Me: "I think I might start selling these."
My Love: "How are you?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
My Love: "I mean how are you going to sell them?"
Me: "Well, I could probably just sell them on my own, 
and also there are a few boutiques around here that I think would."
My Love: "Would they actually sell them?"
Me: "Oh, yeah.  There are two that I know for sure would."

He then proceeds to pick up some that are laying out in front of him.
Puts two in a pile off to the side and the other four in a different pile.

My Love: Pointing to the pile of four
"I would buy these."
Me: Pointing to the pile of two
"Okay. Why wouldn't you buy these?"
My Love: "I don't know, I just wouldn't."
Me: "Okay, but WHAT about them makes you not want to buy them?"

I can't remember exactly how the rest of the conversation went,
something about them not looking good 
and one had a string hanging off of it (which I was fixing!),
however he did tell me that he has an eye for this kind of thing.

Me: "You have an EYE for girl's hair accessories?"
My Love: "Yeah, things in general."

So, that's what I'm working with over here.
He actually does have a really great eye for things...
I mean, that's pretty obvious from who he married (it was too easy...).
But really he does,
so it's nice to have his gorgeous blue eyes around here.

Here are a few I recently added to our collection:

That little bow is the perfect accent for little ladies getting into mischief... so sweet.

Also, over the weekend I had a fun session with some superheroes.
My cousin and her family were needing some updated pics, so I came to the rescue.
Her sons are around the same age as my girls,
so I had a good idea of what to look forward to.
Pretty much every shot I took eventually ended up in a superhero stance...
which, of course, made me laugh... every time.
Here are my faves:

And because I couldn't get enough...

Oh mercy, those little faces KILL me!

I'm off to the madness!

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  1. I like the pictures! Cute little kiids! <3
    I like your blog!