Saturday, March 16, 2013

Signs Of Spring.

We found a Rabbit Hole in our backyard full of babies and they are SO cute.

Ladybugs are landing on us.

And Mr. Toad has been found. Lucy really took a liking to him and had him drive her around in the car, go for a stroller ride, and I'm sure his favorite... take a ride in the carriage on her bike. She is safety conscious and was sure he was in a seat belt. She cracks me up. Isn't the top picture of the toad hilarious? I can't look at it and not chuckle.

I have a 5k today and a picture session tomorrow. The 5k is a beautiful, beautiful run and I love it. That's about the distance of my usual route when actually consistently running, but it's been a tad bit chilly around these parts and I've ran less than 5 times this last Winter... let's hope I make it!

Have a lovely weekend!

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