Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eighty Years.

This is my Grandma. My 4' 10", busy little amazing Grandma.
She turned eighty over the weekend and we had a surprise dinner party for her.

I remember looking forward to the weekends when I would get to go on shopping trips with her when I was younger... just getting her all to myself. I still see her every week, but now I share her with three other little "pumpkins"(what she lovingly refers to all her little great-grandchildren as).

I love her so much.

There's so much of her that I want to be.

She cares for others immensely. She's one of thirteen children, and the love she has for her siblings is so amazing. Her brothers come over for coffee each week; she gets together with "the girls" (her sisters) each Sunday.

She visits her 94 year old sister-in-law weekly.

She watches my kids for me regularly... yep, all three of them at the same time.

She's invested herself in each of us.

Her and I laugh a lot together... we talk about a lot of things. She's just fun to be around. And she's just cute.

She's so amazing, and I'm so very thankful for her.

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